what is wellbe?

Our mission is to unleash the full value of these partnerships to make healthcare more accessible, effective and affordable.

Transforming healthcare is not a system or a process, it is a mindset.  Everyone’s role is critical to success.  When everyone has the access to easily perform their roles, the healthcare system achieves a state of Wellbeing.

Our founding name and vision for Wellbe is rooted in the wellbeing of each partner in healthcare:  patient, provider, system.  Wellbeing connects and enables every member of the healthcare journey, transforming the dynamic of healthcare. Wellbe’s role is to provide the simplest, most accessible solution so that patients, providers, and healthcare systems can achieve greater outcomes.

ConnectedCare™, Wellbe’s care automation solution, digitally navigates the healthcare journey, resulting in more confident and prepared patients, in reduced burden on clinical staffs, and improved overall health for the healthcare systems and the communities they serve. 

Wellbe connects patients & providers with digital automation

Wellbe Team Values