What is Patient Enablement and How Can You Measure It?

An enabled patient taking control of her health by doing daily exercises.

Patient enablement is an emerging and vital approach to ensure holistic, patient-centered care delivery. It marries the journey with a patient’s potential to manage their steps as effectively as possible and in a patient-friendly manner. Introducing appropriate patient enablement processes and technologies allow patients to actively participate in their medical treatment journey with minimal influence […]

A Guide to Enhancing Bariatric Surgery Revenue Streams 

Surgeon reviewing practice finances and identifying strategies to enhance bariatric surgery revenue.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to enhance existing bariatric surgical revenue streams and identify new potential sources of income. Acquiring new bariatric surgery patients is one strategy to enhance revenue, but there are others. A clearly defined revenue strategy helps you streamline your practice and maximize revenue.  Keep reading to uncover innovative strategies to […]

How to Prove Surgery Services Value to Patients

With the ever-rising costs of healthcare, patients can easily become overwhelmed with the price of certain medical procedures. Some patients decide to forgo medical care because they feel like they cannot afford it. According to a 2020 Bankrate survey, about 32% of families in the U.S. decided to not get medical care because of the […]

A Quick Guide to Patient-Reported Outcome Measures for Bariatric Surgery

Provider instructing a patient on patient-reported outcome measures in bariatric surgery

An estimated 38% of health care organizations currently use PROMs across all surgical specialties, and 17% more plan to use them within the next three years. Well-designed PROMs improve clinical decision-making and provide key insights that enable quality improvements. Patient-reported data also helps health care organizations prove the value of their programs to patients, payers, […]

Digital Solutions for Patient-Focused Healthcare

Man using a smartphone app to monitor glucose readings as an example of digital solutions for patient-focused healthcare

Emerging technologies in healthcare are changing the practice of medicine, and it can be difficult to stay current. As patients become more proficient in using digital devices, they have more opportunities to participate in their care. This means providers must consider the patient’s experience at every stage in the continuum of care.  Read on to […]

5 Strategies to Improve Patient Flow in Specialties

A receptionist welcomes satisfied patients to a nearly-empty waiting room thanks to smooth patient flow in specialties.

Streamlined patient flow in specialties is essential to the success of any medical group practice. When it comes to patient satisfaction, the care of doctors, nurses, and medical staff isn’t typically a cause for complaint. Rather, it’s patient pipeline flow. Patient grievances range from long wait times and poor patient navigation to lack of patient […]