4 Patient Enablement Challenges for Surgery

How you communicate with your patients matters: to them, their health, and your practice’s bottom line. Conquer these four patient enablement challenges to ensure the best possible surgical outcomes and help your practice grow. Across the board, physicians overestimate how well their patients can adhere to their recommendations. Ninety-three percent of physicians believe their patients […]

How to Collect High-Quality PROMs for Surgery

Patient-reported outcomes are a crucial tool for every surgical practice, but how do you know if you’re collecting high-quality PROMs for surgery? The quality of the data you collect can be the difference between your practice’s success and failure. Patient-reported outcomes highlight the most meaningful changes to your patients’ lives resulting from their procedures. A […]

4 Bariatric Innovations Transforming the Obesity Care Industry

The frontiers of bariatric innovation hold exciting new technologies that are transforming the obesity care industry. Healthcare is constantly evolving. The use of robotic surgery increased by over 13% between 2012 and 2018 alone. In the bariatric specialty, robotic procedures are just one of the modern advancements driving changes in how we approach every stage […]

The Complete Guide to Improving Orthopedic Surgery with Quality of Service

The cornerstone of effective orthopedic surgery is quality of service. Amongst high-income countries, one in ten patients is harmed while receiving care in hospital. Poor service like this can impact patient outcomes, satisfaction, retention, acquisition, and the ROI of your practice. Conversely, improving your quality of service can help your orthopedic practice grow and thrive. […]

The A-to-Z Guide to Preoperative Evaluation in Orthopedic Surgery

Streamlining the preoperative evaluation for orthopedic surgery can improve patient experience, streamline communication, and boost surgical outcomes.  The demand for surgery in the U.S. is proliferating, with a 31.5% increase in surgery volume between 2000 and 2020 despite the population only growing by 18%. The preoperative evaluation process is a vital stage in every one […]

Why Offer Remote Patient Monitoring to Bariatric Surgery Candidates

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is one of the most powerful tools in the bariatric practitioner’s toolkit. A 2021 BMJ Open systematic review of 91 studies found that RPM reduced emergency presentations, hospital admissions, and length of stay for all disease conditions. Another, bariatric-specific systematic review indicates that eHealth interventions – including remote self-monitoring and reporting […]

Creating Bundled Payments for Orthopedic Treatment

Does your practice offer bundled payments for orthopedic treatment? Understand the pros, cons, and best strategies for success to get started. Over 1,700 hospitals and physician groups joined the voluntary Medicare bundled payment program in 2020, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has indicated that mandatory programs are coming. So how do […]

What is a Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH) and Why Do You Need One?

If disjointed care is robbing your patients of potential value in their surgical journey, then you need a Perioperative Surgical Home. In the US, healthcare costs continue to climb. We spent an average of $12,500 per person in 2020, while other Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries spent about one-third as much and […]

The Ultimate Guide to Clinical Communication Between Staff and Patients

Good clinical communication not only encourages patient ownership over their recovery but also fosters a stronger patient-doctor relationship. With patient-focused care, your patients can feel confident in the decisions they are making. Ultimately, this increases the likelihood that they will achieve their health goals. Studies have found that interventions to improve communication resulted in a […]