4 Benefits of Patient Accountability Before and After Surgery

Patient preparedness is key to great health outcomes, lower costs, and higher levels of patient satisfaction. But have you considered how patient accountability before and after surgery can help you achieve it? According to a recent review, only 11% of publications discussed accountability as a factor influencing patient adherence, indicating that patient accountability may be […]

How to Simplify and Better Enable the Bariatric Patient Journey

Bariatric surgery

Making your bariatric patient journey as simple and enabled as possible is the best way to ensure optimal results for both your patients and your business. The way you communicate with your patients matters. Almost half of all patients use technology such as email, text messaging, or messaging via their electronic health record to communicate […]

4 Patient Enablement Challenges for Surgery

How you communicate with your patients matters: to them, their health, and your practice’s bottom line. Conquer these four patient enablement challenges to ensure the best possible surgical outcomes and help your practice grow. Across the board, physicians overestimate how well their patients can adhere to their recommendations. Ninety-three percent of physicians believe their patients […]

Why Offer Remote Patient Monitoring to Bariatric Surgery Candidates

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) is one of the most powerful tools in the bariatric practitioner’s toolkit. A 2021 BMJ Open systematic review of 91 studies found that RPM reduced emergency presentations, hospital admissions, and length of stay for all disease conditions. Another, bariatric-specific systematic review indicates that eHealth interventions – including remote self-monitoring and reporting […]

The Ultimate Guide to Clinical Communication Between Staff and Patients

Good clinical communication not only encourages patient ownership over their recovery but also fosters a stronger patient-doctor relationship. With patient-focused care, your patients can feel confident in the decisions they are making. Ultimately, this increases the likelihood that they will achieve their health goals. Studies have found that interventions to improve communication resulted in a […]

9 Tips for Providing a Better Patient Experience in Orthopedic Care

A physician collects feedback from a patient with a broken leg to provide a better patient experience

It has never been more critical for orthopedic practices to work toward ensuring a better patient experience. Orthopedic surgeons today face many challenges, including: An uncertain economy A saturated healthcare industry The advent of non-surgical treatment alternatives Rising implant costs Few insurance-reimbursed therapies Increasing demands and delays with prior authorization by insurance companies To stay […]

The 1-2-3 Guide to Workflow Automation for Healthcare and Surgery

A doctor uses workflow automation for healthcare

One innovative technology, two key concepts, three major benefits: discover how to transform your practice with workflow automation for healthcare and surgery. Healthcare workflow automation is a powerful tool. It offers cost savings, improved communication, and lower rates of clinician burnout, all built on a foundation of accessibility and patient-centered care. In fact, through workflow […]