9 Ways to Connect With The Patient Community in Bariatrics: The Importance of Patient Enablement

As a healthcare provider and bariatrics surgeon, you are dedicated to ensuring a high success rate for your patient’s weight loss surgery. Patient engagement is critical to how successful your bariatric patient’s results will be. Ensuring their successful results through patient enablement will improve the operational outcomes for your practice as well. Connecting with your […]

How Virtual Consultations Work for Bariatric Surgery 

patient and doctor collaborating during a bariatric surgery virtual consultation

This article offers an overview of how virtual consultations work for bariatric surgery. While COVID-19 may have triggered a surge in telehealth visits, there are no signs that the trend is slowing. Knowing how to lead effective virtual consultations can increase surgery follow-through rates and improve patient outcomes.  If you’re still feeling uncomfortable using technology […]

A Guide to Enhancing Bariatric Surgery Revenue Streams 

Surgeon reviewing practice finances and identifying strategies to enhance bariatric surgery revenue.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to enhance existing bariatric surgical revenue streams and identify new potential sources of income. Acquiring new bariatric surgery patients is one strategy to enhance revenue, but there are others. A clearly defined revenue strategy helps you streamline your practice and maximize revenue.  Keep reading to uncover innovative strategies to […]

A Quick Guide to Patient-Reported Outcome Measures for Bariatric Surgery

Provider instructing a patient on patient-reported outcome measures in bariatric surgery

An estimated 38% of health care organizations currently use PROMs across all surgical specialties, and 17% more plan to use them within the next three years. Well-designed PROMs improve clinical decision-making and provide key insights that enable quality improvements. Patient-reported data also helps health care organizations prove the value of their programs to patients, payers, […]

4 Challenges in the Bariatric Market in 2021 and Beyond

Folders with tabs relevant to the bariatric market “obesity,” “weight loss,” “bariatric surgery,” ”gastric bypass,” and “sleeve gastrectomy.”

Recent studies show that the global bariatric market is growing at a robust rate. However, there are challenges ahead that may limit your ability to increase your patient base and surgical volume. The good news is that leveraging personalized care automation solutions is one of the most effective ways to address potential barriers to growth […]

5 Tips for Improving Bariatric Patients’ Experience

Studies show that bariatric surgery, in combination with dietary and behavioral changes, is the most effective clinical intervention for patients with severe obesity. However, to maximize the benefits of the treatment, it is essential to take into account the bariatric patients’ experience, both pre- and post-surgery.  Holistic and long-term follow-up care that pays heed to […]

Our Founding Story Began with Humble Observations on Healthcare

Wellbe’s foundation is rooted in the patient experience

Wellbe’s foundation is rooted in the patient experience. We are a healthcare company that facilitates the sharing of information between providers and patients for successful case outcomes. We leverage technology and industry knowledge to create solutions that lessen the burden on doctors, nurses, and other health administrators by enabling patients to actively participate in their […]